If you don’t have time to go online and search for an animal yourself, we introduce eSadka Qurbani pre- booking option and make it even easier.

As the last six week run up to Eid is a very busy period as we receive many orders, and would like to cater for as many customer booking requests as possible. However, we can only accept a maximum number of orders during eid and for this reason, we also offer Qurbani pre-booking. 

This means that you can either:

  1. Visit Qurbani section of cattle fam and buy the animal you see and like.  
  2. Alternatively, if you don’t have time and want to pre-book your animal. Simply select weight and price range you prefer, eSadka purchasing expert’s will visit suppliers and small breeders to purchase an animal on your behalf.  We will share visuals of your animal as soon as it its transported to eSadka cattle farm and processing plant. 

stock on eSadka cattle farm is sold, we will notify all registered customers and offer eSadka Pre-booking as a second option. 

Pre-booking guidelines

We advise you to try eSadka price and weight calculator, where you can simply select the weight and price range of animals and simply proceed with pre-book. Complete the online booking form and make payment, after which our purchasing teams will visit the market and purchase an animal of your selected weight, we will buy it on your behalf. Following are some pre-booking guidelines:

  • We advise you to pre-book early because we have a maximum number of slots available for delivery on days onetwo, and three of Eid-Ul-Adha.
  • Once we reach a maximum number of pre-bookings for day one, we start taking second and then third-day orders. Once our maximum booking targets are achieved and all booking slots are filled, no further requests will be accepted.
  • We will wash, weigh and tag your animal and perform a first animal health check before releasing it with the rest of the animals on eSadka cattle farm.
  • Your Qurbani will be assigned with a unique animal identification number and attached to your online customer account and purchase order number.
  • We will provide pictures and clips of your animal a few days, or during the last week before Eid, so you and your family can actually see the exact animal you have bought. 
  • Have your meat consignment home delivered for self-distribution purposes, or alternatively donate the meat to one of our welfare partner homes. Visit our partners.
  • We will provide all customers with proof of delivery and acceptance, including visuals and video clips of your sacrifice. These will be shared via WhatsApp, or email within six hours of delivery acceptance. 
  • All our deliveries are made in a temperature maintained vehicles which guarantee delivery of fresh, clean and healthy meat.

Pre-book Qurbani Services

Purchase & Transport

Our highly skilled supply chain personnel are continually on the lookout for clean and healthy animals with a view to purchasing in advance on your behalf.  We carefully select and purchase all our animals from a network of small cattle farmers and private breeders from nearby towns and villages but sometimes travel out of city to find better deals. Once purchased, all the animals are transported to eSadka cattle farm for further processing, care and wellbeing.

Dua (Prayer)

We have a certified Imam (Islamic Scholar) to offer an Qurbani Dua (Prayer). Simply complete the following required details on pre-booking form:

  1. Full name of beneficiary to be mentioned during Dua (Mandatory).
  2. Any additional message you would like the imam to mention.

Our customer support team will record a video of the entire Dua and shares it with you via WhatsApp or email so that you witness to the process first hand.

Contact us for any further queries or suggestions in regards to Qurbani Dua services.

Sacrifice & Cut

Our expert slaughter personnel and meat processing team will carry out the sacrifice as Islamically prescribed. Meat will be neatly and efficiently cut, and the entire process is carried out in a clean and hygienic environment. We will ensure all protective wear is provided to plant staff and other onsite support personnel, taking all necessary precautions required, including Covid.

Please note that service charges may increase during the three days of Eid.

Clean & Packaging

Your processed meat is now cleaned and packed in branded freezer bags to ensure impeccable hygiene standards are maintained at all times.

These bags are then placed in branded eSadka seepage proof boxes which are also designed to maintain meat consignment temperatures.

All our deliveries are made in temperature maintained vehicles which guarantee’s delivery of fresh, clean and healthy meat on time, every time.


Our transport and logistics teams will ensure your delivery is made on time. Get notifications and regular updates on where in the process your consignment is.

Select from two delivery options:

Home delivery

We are currently only offering home delivery services in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.  Which means, you can order from anywhere in the world, but your delivery (billing) address must be within Rawalpindi/ Islamabad only. We will be increasing our footprint and branching out to other major cities of Pakistan soon Insha’Allah.

Deliver to welfare partner (donate meat)

Select and donate your meat to one of our welfare partner homes in the form of an officially registered orphanage, old peoples home, woman’s refuge, hospital, school, madrassa, etc. Please note, all our partner homes are currently based in Rawalpindi and Islamabad only.

For qurbani package we have a first come first serve policy, which means deliveries will be made on either the first, second or third day of Eid-Ul-Adha, dependent upon how early you pre-book. Visit Qurbani page

Delivery guidelines

  • All Aqiqah & Sadqah consignments will be delivered within 24 hours of receiving your confirmed order and payment.
  • All our deliveries are made in temperature maintained vehicles which guarantee delivery of fresh, clean and healthy meat.
  • Once delivery is made and confirmed, you will be notified by eSadka customer support team.
  • We will share visual proof of delivery and customer acceptance via WhatsApp or email.

Out of city (special case) delivery guidelines:

You can contact us direct if you have an urgent out of city requirement. We will inform you of the additional courier/transport charges and if you agree we can proceed further with placing your online order.

  1. We will get a quotation from a third party courier/transport company and share.
  2. If you agree, our support staff will process your order as a special case (manually)
  3. Customer will be liable to pay the additional charges, during time of order.
  4. Cost for refrigerated transport will be high during Eid ul Adha.


USD 50 approx
PKR 8000
  • PKR 1000
    Purchase & Transport
  • Free
    Dua (Prayer)
  • PKR 4500
    Sacrifice & Cut
  • PKR 1000
    Clean & Package
  • PKR 1500

eSadka mobile app is coming soon!!!

Important Information

    • We (eSadka) upholds a first come first serve policy.
    • You can purchase a maximum of one animal in any one transaction, at any one time.
    • eSadka offices and processing plant close for business at 6.30pm, and in order for us to offer our Sadqah customers same day delivery, we must receive your online booking/order no later than 4.30pm (Pakistan Standard time).


Prices of animals are for test purpose only. We will update our prices before launch .