We strive to offer a next-to-real-life experience and sense of customer participation, from visiting eSadka cattle farm to selecting an animal, right the way through to having your meat consignment delivered. Please note, we are a services-driven organization, which means that you cannot simply purchase an animal from eSadka cattle farm alone, all services are bundled within the package. There’s only one option you need to make, whether you would like home delivery or prefer your packaged meat is delivered to an eSadka welfare partner.  

Following is the description of the mandatory bundled services we offer with our packages:

Purchase & Transport

All our animals are selected with care, for us the animal is an “Amanat” which is purchased on behalf of our customer.  We look for the best possible animals at the best possible prices and purchase all our livestock from smaller private cattle breeders, rather than direct from a cattle market. Your animal is then transported to eSadka cattle farm, washed, vaccinated and further cared for.

DUA (Prayer) offering “In the cause of Almighty Allah (SWT)”

A certified Imam (Islamic Scholar) offers the Qurbani prayer DUA. Simply complete the following required details during booking:

  1. Full name of the beneficiary to be mentioned during the offering of prayer (Mandatory).
  2. The message & additional names you would like the imam to mention.

    Our customer support team will record a video of your entire prayer and shares it with you via WhatsApp or email so that you witness the process firsthand.

Sacrifice & cut

Our expert slaughter & cutting personnel carry out the sacrifice following all Islamic obligations. Our teams wear protective clothing at all times, ensuring all necessary precautions are taken, including Covid-19.

Clean & package

Meat is cleaned of waste and carefully packed in cold storage bags, then placed in custom-designed seepage-proof box.es. to ensure quality and freshness.  

Delivery Services

Although you can order from anywhere in the world, we only currently only offer delivery services in Rawalpindi and Islamabad only.  All deliveries are made in temperature-controlled vehicles which guarantee delivery of fresh, clean and healthy meat every time. 

 Note eSadka will increase its footprint in other major cities in Pakistan soon Insha’Allah.

Following are the two delivery options to select from:

Home delivery  

Have your packaged meat home delivered to your doorstep, simply provide name of contact name, phone number, and contact delivery address during booking and leave the rest to us. 

You can even select home delivery and recommend a welfare partner of your own. Simply select the home delivery option, add the name of the welfare organization (contact name) during booking, and we will have it delivered.   In either case, you would be required to provide us with all the details above.   

Deliver to Partner (donate meat to eSadka welfare partner)

You may prefer to have your packaged meat delivered to one of eSadka official welfare partners, all officially registered non-profit organizations. Our partners are in the form of an orphanage, old age home, woman’s refuge, school, hospital, madrassa, shelter homes or any other form of organization that cares for the underprivileged segment of our society.   

*Please note, all our partner homes are currently based in Rawalpindi and Islamabad only

Customer delivery guidelines

  • All Aqiqah & Sadqah consignments will be delivered within 24 hours of receiving your confirmed order and payment.
  • For qurbani package we have a first come first serve policy, which means deliveries will be made on either the firstsecond or third day of Eid-Ul-Adha, which is dependent upon how early you book. Please visit qurbani section of packages.
  • Once delivery is made and confirmed, you will be notified by eSadka customer support team.
  • We will share visual proof of delivery. 

Service Charges

All services are mandatory


$ 38
  • Purchase & Transport $5.73
  • DUA Free
  • Sacrifice & Cut $17.19
  • Clean & Packaging $5.73
  • Delivery $8.59


  • Purchase & Transport Rs1000
  • DUA Free
  • Sacrifice & Cut Rs3000
  • Clean & Packaging Rs1000
  • Delivery Rs1500


£ 27
  • Purchase & Transport £4.26
  • DUA Free
  • Sacrifice & Cut £12.77
  • Clean & Packaging £4.26
  • Delivery £6.39

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Prices of animals are for test purpose only. We will update our prices before launch .