eSadka Community Ambassador Program (eCAP)

Did you know?

Pakistan is amongst  the top 10 countries that generously donate in charitable form. Pakistani’s are also a nation that proactively reach out to support during a time of crisis.We are a nation that prefer to donate on the spot, and sometimes tend not to trust charitable organizations working in the field.    

Which means?

We encourage organized street gangs that utilize woman & children for begging purposes as witnessed on the streets, when you stop at a traffic signal, outside malls, restaurants and in markets along with other public areas.

Who suffers?

Everyone that genuinely needs our help, but support is either too late to arrive or more often never reaches them. In fact, many deserving families are missed out simply because they don’t ask for help as a matter of pride, so how do we identify them?

eSadka community ambassador program enables us to REACH OUT the most deserving segment of  society  through volunteers operating at a grass root level within towns, villages and even remote areas.     

eSadka Community Ambassador (volunteer)

Our community volunteer program will reach out to the most deserving people of our society through a planned and organized approach, which GUARANTEES your donation (Amanat), does not go into the wrong hands. All our community volunteers will be assigned an area or territory or village (Tehsil), and responsible to cover at a union councils and neighborhood level. Our volunteers will themselves be local residents and passionate about helping others.  We are currently covering and onboarding CA’s from Islamabad & Rawalpindi only, however we will be calling out for volunteers across other major cities soon.      

The role of community ambassador


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