eSadqah Rashan Bags

Feed one family, for one month, in one donation with one rashan bag

1. Donate to our neighborhood campaign (General Donation)

Donate a Rashan bag which will be home delivered to the most deserving families through eSadka Community ambassador Program (eCAP). Community volunteers will have the task of identifying families living in poverty stricken neighborhoods across all Pakistan. We will identify, verify and register poverty stricken areas/families on our database,  and have your donation delivered direct to their doorstep. To ensure you are satisfied, we will also notify you with evidence of exactly when and where your donation is delivered.  For more information about eCAP or how to become an eSadka Community volunteer visit eSadka Community Ambassador Program.

Emergency situations require for emergency support, as eSadka reaches out and offers a secure & transparent platform for you to donate a rashan bags (basic food items) to the many families that cannot afford it, and suffering during this time of  economic crisis. 

We are currently offering these services in poverty stricken areas of  Rawalpindi, Islamabad & surrounding villages.  

2. Donate to our disaster affected families campaign (Flood Relief Victims)

In the recent past climate change has been a major cause for natural calamities in Pakistan,  including the earthquake in 2005floods in 2010 and now the recent devastating floods in 2022. An estimated 35% of the country was effected, by these floods with millions being displaced from there homes and sleeping under the open skies without food and shelter This is now causing for the spread of major disease and deaths,  especially among woman and children.   

Our teams will purchase, prepare and package each rashan bag, transport them to the worst disaster hit areas, where we guarantee to distribute them amongst the most deserving families.  We will notify you with evidence of exactly when and where your donation is delivered

We will cover and deliver your rashan bags to all flood affected provinces across Pakistan, especially in the worst hit areas including Sindh, KPK, Quetta & Baluchistan.

Select from one of our three types of rashan bags

  • Small bag to feed a family of up to 3 members
  • Medium bag to feed a family of up to 4/5 members

  • Large rashan bag to feed a family of  6+ members

How it works

1.Select the rashan bag  you want to donate

2.Select where you would like your rashan bag delivered: 

  • Home delivery

     Have rashan bag delivered directly to your home, and deliver it yourself

  • Partner delivery
  • Have your rashan bag delivered through eSadka volunteer program(eCAP)

3.If you select deliver to partner option, then choose campaign type from our partners list:

  • Donate to flood affected families campaign
  • Donate to eSadka neighborhood campaign

4.Make payment

  1. Receive a delivery notification, once your rashan bag is delivered

For more information, or to talk to one of our support representative, message us on +92 3028986040, and we will get back to you at the earliest.  

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